I carried out a survey on the above subject among other questions on what attracts a woman to a man and out of 230 respondents only one admitted she would love a man because he is rich. I was not surprised since I am already used to Nigerians’ hypocritical nature especially the womenfolk. I say this because it’s ironical that 0.1 percent of respondents admitted they would love a man for his money yet over 90 percent claimed they love a man who is generous and hate a man that is stingy. Let me not forget to say that almost 100 percent love a man who is God fearing (and there is still so much crime and corruption in the country). But I must admit that Nigerian women are becoming more emboldened as over 80 percent made it clear they would love a man who can satisfy them in bed. With the above statistics and if you can read between the lines, it’s obvious what our women desire… comfort.

SHOULD A WOMAN LOVE A MAN FOR HIS MONEY? Whenever this question is asked over 90 percent of respondents will shout NO! Any woman who loves for money will be called a gold digger. The man’s family and friends will want to crucify her but I believe it’s a verdict without reasoning. It is absolutely okay for a woman to love a man for his money.

Now let’s reason together- what are the qualities that attract a woman to a man? Many women will say he has to be God fearing. Others will say handsome, bed strength, dress sense, neatness, humour etc. so if a man’s religious disposition is a good quality, his six pack body is a good quality, his fashion taste is a good quality even his sexy voice is a good quality to love for why then should a woman be ostracized to say she is attracted by a man’s deep purse?

I have heard arguments like “If she loves him for his money won’t she dump him if the money finishes?” But this argument is not tenable because in as much as we pray against misfortune, everything is possible in life.  If a rich man can lose his wealth, a handsome man can lose his beauty, a born again Christian can lose his faith likewise a fashionable man can lose his dress sense. As far as I am concerned it’s hypocrisy to single out money for condemnation out of all the attractions a man can possess.

A friend posted that “money can buy sex but not love” and I say it can go all the way to buy love. Many of us have watched the American movie “Pretty Woman” and I can tell you that such still happens every day all over the world. Many men have gone to buy sex from prostitutes and found themselves fall in love. It happens vice versa too. A woman accepts to date a man because he is rich but on getting close she realizes that the man possesses so many qualities she desires in a man. At this point the wealth pales into insignificance and the love for the man grows. Condemners should realize that money is the attraction that gets the woman to love the man not love the money. That is why (contrary to the general belief) we see women stand by their husbands when there is financial misfortune.

I call on our women to stop feeling guilty and openly admit that they would love a man who can provide them with the comforts necessary for a sweet life, it is not a crime.